Component Overview

Headquarters (HQ) is a central application in platform where you will be spending most of the time. Other RPA vendors sometimes refer to this kind of application as Orchestrator or Control Room. It is a web application used for managing robots and scheduling their work, designing processes and procedures, adding users and various other tasks.

It can be accessed by any modern web browser although we recommend using Google Chrome browser for accessing and working with HQ. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to access the same HQ functionality.


Home - A dashboard that displays most important metrics,
Processes - A list of processes within different departments, adding documentation and creating new processes,
Procedures - Displays list of procedures that can be used in processes,
Robots - List of robots along with their status and utilization,
Jobs - Enables process scheduling, viewing active jobs and a list of completed jobs with logs,
Settings - Used for managing organization, departments, teams, users and robots.

Development of processes is also done through HQ as Process Editor is integral component of it. When you license Headquarters, you can invite as many users as you want whether they are business analysts, IT admins, developers or process owners.

Where HQ is located depends on the deployment model you choose. If you chose Hybrid/Cloud model then HQ is hosted by us and is available HERE and if it is an on-prem installation then it will be the internal address of the server where it is installed.