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Process Editor is a component of HQ (Headquarters) in which users can design and modify their processes. As Process Editor is a Web API, users can view, design, modify, and change any process from any location and any device, using only a web browser. Furthermore, Process Editor provides various activities to implement to the business process, such as:

Process steps
Chatbot activities to implement human/robot communication in case of missing data, error notifications, etc.

In Process Development, users can manually add steps from the library that contains many different options. After that, they can record those steps with the recorder - a simple and intuitive application integrated into the platform.

Each process goes through a lifecycle: development, test, and production. Also, processes are versioned, and every time user saves the operation, it creates a new version.

In process metadata, users can specify which applications they used in the process, thus making change management a lot easier. Also, users can upload documentation related to the process (specifications, manuals, and others) to the Process Editor instead of saving them on a document management system or a file system.