HomePlatformOverview Overview is an enterprise-grade RPA platform built with two things in mind: simplicity and human-robot collaboration.

Our software robots (digital workers) work in completely unattended mode and have the cognitive capability (Vision Center) powered by machine learning and neural networks.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) enables us to simplify the built of our software robots. At the same time, AI decreases the chance of robot failure due to application interface changes, different screen resolutions, and other problems.

Another essential feature of the platform is a collaboration between RPA software robots and humans, often called a hybrid RPA. The idea that robots can take over 100% of human work and make intelligent decisions is still farfetched. However, we can automate almost all of our manual, repetitive tasks, and we should be kept in the loop of the process execution.

For that purpose, we developed a simple tool - a chatbot. We wanted to implement an easy way to approve requests, provide missing data, or make decisions. It's integrated into the core of our RPA engine, and it's completely user-friendly.

Furthermore, the platform consists of three major components:

Headquarters (HQ)
The robot
The chatbot.

HQ is a central web application where you design processes and manage the entire RPA deployment. The robot executes those processes on virtual machines and communicates with employees through the chatbot.

The platform is built using the latest technologies such as .NET Core, Angular, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and RabbitMQ.

We also provide simplicity with licensing, and we give our customers a choice of deployment and licensing models that suit their needs (LICENSING and PRICING). You can choose from perpetual, annual, and consumption-based models. Our RPA technology can be entirely deployed on-premise, in a hybrid model, or all-in cloud. We believe in openness and transparency, and our prices are publicly available for you to calculate potential implementation costs.