The Telecom Industry is a perfect example of using next-generation technologies to its advantage, one of which is Robotic Process Automation.

Adopting RPA technologies can help Telecoms to overcome, for example, those painful tasks in the back office. It can also help them improve their business operations and give them a more competitive edge. Implementing Robotic Software Automation will allow the employees to focus on other essential tasks.

Telecom operators have a wide range of operations that can be automated, such as:

Database management
Customer service management
Purchase order management
IT and infrastructure services, etc.

Given that our RPA software is flexible, it's appliable across various operations and departments. Some tasks, like repetitive back-office processes, for example, can be automated completely. On the other hand, some operations can be automated to a certain point, depending on the process itself.

Main advantages of RPA in telecom:

On-time billing
Payment processing
Customer service
Number portability
Speeding up the document verification and SIM allotment process
Data entry, processing, and management, and much more.

Use cases in Telcom:

Network Management
Invoice & Purchase Order Processing
Customer Onboarding/Offboarding
Efficiently Responding to Partner Queries
Manual Sales Order Processing
Data Transformation
Expense Control
First Call Resolution (FCR)
Debt Collection.