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Banks and financial institutions have a lot of potential use cases for RPA (Robotic Process Automation). In this industry, we often find heterogeneous IT environments with many legacy applications that make it challenging to automate business processes. Thus, humans have to perform multiple manual tasks, such as:

Retyping data between applications
Compiling reports and documents
Moving files.

That is, without a doubt, an inefficient and time-consuming way. Not to mention that it's also prone to errors, less secured, and not scalable.

However, software robots can work with legacy applications, such as IBM Mainframe, Oracle Forms, or Java-based apps. They can quickly automate these tedious and repetitive processes, enabling humans to focus on more value-adding tasks. They're easily implemented in various departments, including:

Compliance & reporting
Trade finance
Loan processing, etc.

Here is a list of some of the processes that can be automated:

Our team has delivered multiple successful RPA projects in the financial and banking sector, and even some of our employees have worked in the banking industry.

Some of our references in this industry include:

BDO Austria (case study)
FINA - Croatian Financial Agency (case study)
NLB Bank Serbia
OTP Bank Croatia
UniCredit Serbia