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Our Story entered the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) universe to make a difference in digital transformation. We're developing a cutting-edge technology necessary for our modern-day lives - a means to an end to increase our efficiency.

We're eliminating repetitive manual work, thus eliminating the errors that come with it. Our goal is to automate every process possible with today's technology. In return, companies are becoming more efficient, and people can focus on more significant and creative aspects of their work.

After working as consultants with other RPA platforms, we decided to create our own robot software. We wanted to overcome the challenges we had and give our customers an even better user experience. Our vision for the RPA software is to utilize new approaches, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), to provide simplicity and robustness. Another essential feature of is enabling human/robot communication via chatbots.

We see RPA as an addition to the human workforce, a technology that works alongside people, making our lives easier. With RPA, we can focus on other aspects of our job and do it even faster and more agile. In the end, the result is an improved end-customer experience.

Also, we received over 1M € investment in seed round funding for further AI development and entering new markets. (from J&T Ventures and EU Eurostars program)

Even though we are a technology-driven company, before everything else - we're a customer-oriented company.
Our goal is to deliver above & beyond our customer's expectations, and we expect the same from our employees and partners.

When working with us on process automation, you can expect us to be transparent and realistic (especially with our open pricing policy). We're aware that RPA isn't a silver bullet solution for everything or everyone, and we'll recommend another solution if it fits your needs better.

If you're interested in:

Scaling up your business,
Eliminating errors and manual, repetitive tasks,
Making your employees more efficient,

Contact us to find out how our team can help you with our custom-made solutions!