What is RPA?

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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is technology for business process automation. Like hardware robots are used in factories, software robots automate repetitive tasks thus increasing efficiency of organization. You can also think of software robots as digital employees that are performing day to day tasks. Tasks such as transcribing data from one application to another, compiling documents and reports from different data sources, copying files, processing customer requests and many others. With RPA, employees are relieved of repetitive manual activities and can focus on decisive activities within the core business.

Unlike previous technologies, a massive advantage of RPA is that it is a technological transformation without the headache of switching systems and processes. Built into your processes at a desktop or server, robots are cyber powered digital assistants, ready to take on routine administrative work so your people can focus their brainpower and attention where it’s needed the most. You can run robots on top of any application and deploy them in days. No changes are needed to underlying systems and applications, and no special integrations are required to achieve quick results.

What RPA provides?


RPA implementation does not require any changes to the current IT landscape. It’s just replacing human clicking with a robot. Thus, it’s almost a risk-free way to provide benefits to business users without a huge impact on the existing environment.


Robots perform processes accurately and consistently, lowering the percentage of mistakes in process execution.


Robots don’t take vacation or sick days and they work 24/7. You can easily remove robots or add more to a process to handle peaks in demand.


Since robots are faster and more accurate, customers can get their service much quicker resulting in better customer experience.


By removing employees from repetitive tasks, we can lower the operational cost and focus employees on tasks that provide more value to the organization.

RPA is a technology with a very fast implementation without disturbing the IT landscape and that’s why it is the fastest growing enterprise software segment according to Gartner. It is not limited to any industry vertical or organization size and typically the ROI is within one year. ROI is dependent on which processes you choose to automate and the quality of the platform and the implementation partner. is an enterprise grade RPA platform built on years of consulting experience and includes latest technical innovations such as AI and chatbots. Through our platform you can maximize ROI and automate business process quickly and efficiently.