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Our Story

We entered RPA space because it is a simple technology with tangible benefits which helps companies and organizations to be more efficient. We see technology as a mean to an end and our goal is to help our customers to get rid of unnecessary and boring administrative work. After working with other RPA platforms, we decided to create our own in order to tackle challenges we had as consultants working in the field. In order to solve some of these challenges we decided to utilize new approaches such as using AI to provide simplicity and robustness or chatbots to enable human/robot collaboration.

For us RPA is not a job-cutting technology rather we see it as an initiative that enables our customer to be faster, more agile and have better end customer experience. We work with our customers not only on technology part of the project but also on soft aspects and internal marketing.

We are a technology driven company but above everything else we are a customer-oriented company. We strive to deliver above & beyond customer expectations and we expect that from our employees and partners. When delivering projects, we will never overpromise or claim that RPA is a silver bullet solution. We are transparent and open as demonstrated with our open pricing policy.


The team behind is a combination of youth and experience. We have worked in enterprise software industry for a long time and successfully delivered complex projects in various industries.

Darko Jovišić, Product Owner

Darko is responsible for determining product vision and product roadmap. Also, he is working on customer and partner projects in order to incorporate customer feedback in the product. He worked in Microsoft and worked as a practice leader for CRM in InfoCumulus where he helped grow the business.

Marko Gudelj, Sales Lead

Marko is responsible for customer and partner acquisition. He brings abundance of experience having worked at global companies such as IDS Scheer or Software AG. As a BPM consultant he delivered large projects across the globe.

Ivan Belas, Development Lead

Ivan is making sure that our product is built so that it is powerful, flexible and robust. He is an experienced developer and mentor and a technology buff. He is constantly tracking IT technologies and trends and making sure that our platform is on the cutting-edge.