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New version of platform released

May 5, 2020

Despite of COVID-19 situation our development team continued working hard on developing new functionalities on platform. We are happy to announce that new version is released which includes many small improvements and bug fixes which were reported by our partners and clients. This release also includes two major new functionalities:

Exception Handling – ability to define what steps are taken in case robot ends up in error state
Procedures – capability to reuse sequence of steps in multiple processes thus promoting code reuse, lowering overall process complexity and making maintenance much easier.

You can think of procedures as functions that you can call from different processes. For example, starting SAP application and logging in can be implemented as a procedure and can be reused in all the process that require working with SAP. If some change is needed to this functionality, we can simply modify the procedure, and this will be immediately reflected in all those processes that use this procedure.

Exception handling allows us to gracefully exit the process in case of error and perform series of steps such as sending an email notification with all the error details, logging the error and close all the running applications. This way we can leave the robot virtual machine in a clean state and notify all the responsible stakeholders about the situation.

You can read in detail about exception handling here and to find out more about how to use procedures refer to this post.

Last improvement that we want to mention is that now process list is displayed in a Kanban list which is much more visually appealing and clearly separates processes by their lifecycle stage.